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About me

Experienced FPV pilot

I started flying FPV drones in the summer of 2021 and have ever since been improving and getting more and better gear. Before that I flew drones from DJI and did photography but slowly transitioned to flying FPV drones.
Here is a presentation of all my gear for FPV shoots on set.
See my Instagram account for the potential of FPV drones in Icelandic nature:


Background Details


Highlights (FPV)

  • Skoda advertisement with True North

  • Áramótaskaupið 2022 with Skot prod.

  • KFC commercial with Skot prod. 

  • FPV video, HERO Prod. for the introduction video of Iceland in Eurovision 

  • Live streaming "Sindratorfæran" on nation television in Iceland (RÚV). Livestreamed with a Black magic 4K and a Cinelifter.  

  • Couple day shoot with my cinelifter and my ZCAM E2 for an Icelandic movie called "Ótti". 

  • Music video for Eydis Evensen, taken with Black magic 6K

  • 3 day shoot for Vogue with a Black Magic 6K

  • on-going project with a Red Komodo 6K 

  • another on-going project with a Red Komodo 6K and Black Magic 6K

  • Flying over the volcano with a cinelifter and a Black Magic 6K 

  • Indoor commercial for Bónus supermarket with a GoPro 10 and a cinewhoop 

  • FPV and mavic shots of an ice climber for French TV

  • 5 day shoot for a music video with FPV drones and as a 2nd AC (link)

  • Shoot for a Red Bull competition (Link)

  • 5 day shoot with a Red Komodo and 2nd AC for Xbox 

Smaller projects

Here are some smaller projects I have worked on:

  • Documentary for 1912 (FPV shots)

  • Stóra sviðið Stöð tvö (runner and assistant on set).

  • Numerous nature and glacier footage of Icelandic landscape.

  • Modified tractors racing competition at Flúðir. 

  • FPV of a church and houses for

  • Mavic 3 Pro and FPV videos on a 2 day shoot with Cold Laundry. Tour guide and location recommendations

  • FPV inside of a bar of a party 

  • FPV shots for a TV show in Iceland (Aramotaskaupið)

  • True North (battery wrangler for Óli Haukur with his heavylifter)

  • True North prod. Camera trainee for a show called True detective


I joined Airstock to upload some FPV footage of Iceland. Its the leading site of stock footage in Iceland and companies like Netflix, BBC etc. buy clips from it, along many videos of Iceland,there you can find one of the best clips of the volcano eruption in Iceland taken with an FPV drone.

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